westgate warriors

A Little Help From A Friend

Session 1 Part 3

Silky brought out their food, surprised that there was one more seated at the table. She hurried into the back room to grab another plate. Upon returning she addressed the party but spoke directly to Adran.

“You know, I tend to overhear plenty of things that are said in the inn. Things that could help others out, like yourselves,” Silky said trying to peak Adran’s interest. And she did.

“And did you overhear what we were talking about,” Adran asked her, every ounce of charm leaving his face to be replaced by cold, serious glare. Silky was taken a back by the sudden change in demeanor. She no longer found him attractive, quite the opposite. She could see the burning hatred in his eyes and wondered if every smile and nice thing he had said was an act. How could someone so warm and generous be able to summon the darkness she now saw on his face. “I do not like people spying on me, intruding in on my business, assuming I want or need their help. Maybe you should return to your kitchen and mind your own business,” he snapped. Silky’s sudden fear turned to anger. She snapped her mouth shut and abruptly turned and stormed away.

“Harsh,” said a nearby voice. The party looked and saw a halfling sitting at a nearby table. He was dressed like a merchant and smoking a pipe while enjoying a mug. “You’re not going to get anything out of her now.”

“Bah, we don’t need help from her. Especially from someone who enjoys prying into something that is none of their business,” Adran explained, his anger starting to subside.

“So if I told you that I overheard your conversation with the priestess but I had some free information about the halfling squatter, you’d tell me to take a hike too?” the merchant asked.

“Free is good you know,” Rip whispered to Adran. Adran waved the shifter off already knowing what was at stake. He took a deep breath and calmed himself.

“I suppose if you are wiling to offer us some help I could make an exception,” Adran said adding a familiar smile. The halfling smile back with a sly grin and approached their table.

“I am Mr. Tippit and I know the halfling that has taken up residence in your building,” he said addressing Sunrise. She looked surprised. “His name is Oscar DeFerago, a local thief and con man who’s is base of operations is here in Westgate.”

“A con man? How so?” Kang asked.

“For starters, he cheats at cards. I myself have been a victim of his treachery. He once cheated me out of a large sum of gold while playing a friendly game of Four Dragons,” Tippit explained.

“There is no such thing as a friendly game of cards,” Rip said accusingly.

“Perhaps but I would still like to see Oscar get what’s coming to him,” Tippit said offhandedly.

“And why haven’t you exacted this revenge yourself?” Tihee asked.

“Come now, I am just an innocent merchant trying to make a honest living. What would I know of revenge and murder?” the merchant said feigning innocence in a most obviously sarcastic manner, “besides, Oscar disappeared shortly after taking my gold. I didn’t know his whereabouts until you talked with Ms. Sunrise,” Tippit said.

“Would there happen to be a reward for us taking care of this Oscar character for you?” Rip asked the halfling.

“You are already being rewarded by the priestess here. Why would I reward you again just because you happen to be doing me a favor while helping someone else out?” Tippit asked and then continued, “I can offer you a bit more information to help you out. Everyday Oscar rummages through the dumpsters behind the building looking for food scraps. I’m assuming he is feeding something within the building. And you can bet its something big considering the amount of food he is hauling inside.”

“Well, just remember our generosity as we inadvertently do you this favor,” Adran said. Mr. Tippit smiled, bowed deeply and exited the inn leaving only a smoke ring to slowly expand and dissipate into the air behind him. The party finished their breakfast in relative silence. Everyone was thinking about the upcoming quest and all the possibilities that would come with it. Silky came out twice to clear away dirty dishes and refill water mugs. She, too, was silent and only acknowledged the party by giving them an icy glare which she cast in Adran’s direction.



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