westgate warriors

Looting The Temple

Session 1 Part 10

Once the battle was over Adran was able to attend to the fallen Keothi and aid him. The rouge was still alive, barely, his pulse weak but steady. Adran was able to bind the rouge’s wounds and rouse him with his magical music.

“Time to look for loot,” Rip said after he had transformed back into his normal form. The bodies were searched with nothing interesting found on the bandits but Oscar had two interesting daggers on him. Each one had a hilt carved from bone and a long, slightly curved blade that was sharpened to a razor’s edge. Adran studied them and after a thorough examination was able to identify them as Goblin Totem daggers. Each one was enchanted to allow its wielders to have a better chance to harm opponents. Keothi and Kang each took one of them, the rogue selecting the one that Oscar had used to render him unconscious. Keothi took the opportunity to hassle the barbarian.

“So, you were the first one to fall in battle,” the rogue teased.

“But not the last,” the barbarian snapped, still feeling the effects of his diminishing rage.

“I believe that I am a kill or two ahead of you,” Keothi answered.

“But I killed the boss, so knock off the arguing and help us search the offices,” Rip said. Begrudgingly both goliaths complied with the order and helped the others search the offices. The party looked in the northern office first but found it mostly bare with only a table and a few chairs in it. No further treasure was found. The walls were checked for secret doors or stashes but nothing was discovered. The inside the southern office was a little more interesting. The room, finely decorated with a thick rug on the floor, a sturdy bed and a writing desk, had to have been Oscar’s private dwelling. Most interesting was the large locked chest along the far wall. Keothi searched the lock for traps but didn’t find anything unusual. As he was trying to determine how hard it would be to pick the lock, Xious entered the room.

“Here. I found it on Oscar’s body,” he said handing a small brass key to the goliath. It was a perfect fit. Springing the top the party found two sacks of coins, one full of gold and one silver, a small ruby and a small emerald. All of it was placed in Kang’s backpack as group treasure. Moving on to the writing desk some parchment was found in one of the drawers. Scrawled on the top sheets were plans to get rid of Sunrise and her friends and to rebuilt the Temple and in the name of the Mask.

“Well now we know why Oscar wanted Sunrise out of here so bad. And we know that the followers of the Mask are still within the city,” Adran said.

“So where to now?” Tihee asked.

“I have a hunch, Since the Mask are so fond of tunnels…” Adran said trailing off. He directed the others in helping him move the rug that covered most of the floor. Underneath was another trap door. Opening it up the door swung open on surprisingly well oiled hinges. Another iron ladder descended into the darkness below.



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