westgate warriors

Soothing Silky

Session 1 Part 7

The party returned to the Gentle Moon Inn without running into another group of ruffians. The city watchmen were nowhere in sight and neither was Melanchu. The burnt bodies of the ruffians they had fought had also been removed. Except for the burn marks on the neighboring building there was no signs that their battle had taken place. The party headed into the inn and found that it was completely empty. Suddenly Silky burst in on them from the kitchen with a big smile on her face.

“Finally a few customers. Welcome to the Gentle Moon—oh its you again. What do you want,” she said, the smile falling off her face and a frown replacing it. She glared at Adran.

“We were hoping you could give us some information. We are trying to help Sunrise here by clearing out their temple,” Adran started and pointed to the priestess, “we can’t get into the temple the normal way and would like to enter it through one of the tunnels that run under it. We have a map that says one of those tunnels start here, somewhere in the inn. You wouldn’t happen to know where it is do you?” Adran smiled and tried to be as nice as he could. The look he recieved from Silky was venomous. Then she grinned at the bard, a crooked and mischievous smile and said offhandedly, “sorry. I don’t know anything about a tunnel under the inn. I can’t help you.”

She turned to march away when Rip called out, “maybe five gold coins could help jog your memory.” Silky suddenly stopped and faced the party eyeing up the shifter.

“A few gold coins certainly would help out with my bills but what would really be nice is a fine dinner with a handsome man at my side. I might be able to help you out if you agreed to have dinner with me tonight,” Silky said sidling up to Rip. The shifter looked at her with disdain taking a long hard look at her round and sagging figure. He sigh when he realized that it was the only way to get the information the party needed. He begrudgingly agreed to the deal. “Fine. I’ll go to dinner with you when and if I return from the temple.” He sighed again when Silky squealed with delight, her large frame jiggling as she jumped up and down in excitement.

The barmaid led everyone through the kitchen and into a backroom that was filled with foodstuffs and other supplies. Mostly covered by old wooden crates was the outline of a trapdoor. Kang and Keothi easily moved the dusty crates out of the way and got the trapdoor opened. It squealed loudly as the rusty hinges gave way. Along one side of the hole leading into the darkness below was an iron ladder that led fifteen feet down. Leaving Sunrise in the safety of the inn, the party descended the ladder in single file and found the tunnel below to be just as narrow as the trap door opening. They would have to walk single file down the tunnel with the goliaths having to bend slightly to prevent their heads from scrapping on the tunnel’s ceiling. Rip led the way as the party stumbled through the dark tunnel, the only light coming from a torch the shifter held in front of him. The confined space and stifling heat made the journey down the tunnel uncomfortable and seem to last forever. Xious was the only one who didn’t mind the journey through the unknown darkness.



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