westgate warriors


Session 1 Part 2

Standing in the center of the common room were two people who were starting to shout at each other. The first person was a tall man with extremely broad shoulders who was dressed like any other merchant in the city. He had thick curly black hair that matched the flowing beard that ran down to the middle of his chest. He was much taller than the woman standing in front of him and had to look down to speak with her. The women, barely inches over five feet tall was dressed in white robes that were tied off at her waist with a golden sash. She had long brown hair that flowed down into her unused hood. She was the one doing most of the yelling.

”...but the building you rented us is occupied. You never said anything about that in the letter we received from the carrier pigeon,” the woman said, obviously agitated.

“There wasn’t anyone there, as far as I knew, when I rented it to you. We have a binding contract, signed by you, so if a squatter has moved in and taken up residence in your rental, it will be up to you to remove them,” the man said with his hands in the air trying to diffuse the situation. With each word he took a step back toward the exit. It was obvious he wanted to leave the building an escape the woman’s ranting.

“But we tried and he won’t leave. You’re the landlord, isn’t there something you can do?” the woman asked starting to get frustrated.

“Sorry ma’am but its none of my business any more. As long as you’re paid up the rental property is your responsibility,” the man said as he inched his way closer toward the door.

“What am I going to do?” the woman asked and began to sob. Shaking his head the landlord quickly turned and rushed out of the inn not wanting to deal with the crying woman. She placed her head in her hands and wept.

“That man was an ass,” Tihee mumbled disgusted by what she saw.

“But he was right. It’s none of his business anymore,” Rip added. Tihee glared at him annoyed by his comments.

“Maybe there is something we can do,” Adran said with a smile as he got up from the table and went over to the crying woman.

“Not again,” Keothi moaned.

Adran gently placed a hand on the woman’s shoulder to reassure her. The woman looked up with a start but relaxed as she saw his smile. “My name is Adran. I couldn’t help but overhear your argument with that man. I can assure you from what I heard everything will be alright.” The woman smiled and wiped the tears from her eyes.

“My name is Sunrise and I am a priestess of Selune. I have traveled here with two other companions, Twilight and Midnight, to start a church within the city. We had rented a building from that man, Borgo Gosbaugh, to renovate but found it occupied when we got there. I thought better of renting the properties sight unseen but Midnight convinced us to believe in the honest of others. Even strangers,” the priestess said emphasizing the last part. Understanding what she meant Adran continued to pump the priestess for information adding a smile with each question.

“So who did you find in the building when you got there?” he asked.

“There was a nasty little halfling living there. He was rude and mean and a bit unnerving the way the scar on his face made one side of his mouth turn up like an evil little grin,” Sunrise explained. “I could really use some help in persuading him to leave.” Sunrise’s voice was filled with hopefulness.

“Let me talk with the others and see what I can do,” Adran said. He left the smiling priestess where she stood and returned to the others.

“Well,” Keothi said impatiently.

“We were all looking for adventure and I think we found it,” Adran said.

Xious stirred again, “no one has yet to agree to adventuring together.” Adran saw that the others were contemplating Xious’ words and frowned.

” So what exactly are we all doing here then Mr. Mysterious? We are all in need of a little gold and that woman over there is in need of a bit of pest extermination. Tit for tat. We scratch her back she will scratch ours. You understand?” Adran explained suggestively.

“There is so much that is wrong with what you just said,” Tihee said groaning, aware of what Adran was really saying.

“I’m fine with earning a spot of gold in exchange for some pest control,” Kang said with a deep rumbling voice. He folded both of his massive arms across his chest and continued to listen to the debate.

“Me too. What better way to get treasure than to kill something,” Rip said earning a frown from Tihee. The rest of the group nodded in agreement and looked to Xious. After a moment of silence he too agreed with a single word. “Fine.” Adran walk back over to the priestess, his charming smile securely in place, and told her that his friends were willing to help her with her pest problem. As they began haggling over a possible reward the others approached them.

“I hate to ask a damsel in distress for compensation but as you know the saying, ‘an adventurer has to eat’,” Adran said. The rest of the party agreed with him with a nod of their heads. Rip even rubbed his belly to punctuate the point.

“I’m sorry but I have little gold to pay you with. Every coin we brought with us is to pay for future renovations to the building. I fear it is in very poor shape,” Sunrise said trying to gauge the party’s reaction. Rip frowned and muttered something about not doing the job from free. Adran smiled and continued his haggling.

“How about this? In lue of payment you can afford all six of us free room and board anytime we are in the city and find ourselves short of gold,” he offered. Sunrise smiled immediately.

“Of course, of course, Selune would be more than happy to show her mercy to those in need. A deal then?” Sunrise said quickly and outstretched her hand. Adran took it and shook it before turning it over and bowing his head to kiss it gently. Sunrise giggled and Keothi groaned.

What have I gotten myself into? he thought to himself.

“Shall we go now?” Sunrise asked.

“My stomach is growling over here,” Kang said.

“Yes, yes. Breakfast first. Would you care to join us?” Adran asked Sunrise.

“Of course,” she said and followed them back to their table.



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