westgate warriors

The Wrath of Melanchu

Session 1 Part 5

But the party had little time to worry about the lack of treasure as a merchant, obviously upset judging by the way he was throwing his hands into the air, came rushing toward the party. He was a floppish looking man dressed in a tunic and breeches that at one time were finely made but where now showing signs of rough use. Wear spots showed in the knees and elbows and an occasional faded stain tarnished the outfit in random places. The merchant also wore a thick green cloak that looked like it was made of fur and hung over his shoulders running straight down to his ankles. It clung so tight to his body that it almost looked more like a set of robes. He wore a matching green cap on his head that was pointed at its end and would have looked like a dunce-cap if not for the fact that half way up its length it flopped to one side. But the silliest thing of all was the long droopy fu-manchu moustache he sported that curled at its ends, far below his chin.

“You! You have angered Melanchu with your reckless behavior. You have taken many prized possessions from Melanchu,” the merchant said waving at the burning building behind him. The party could see that the city watchmen had already formed a bucket line and were tossing water onto the blaze. The flames already showed signs of weakening. “You can not replace Melanchu’s one of a kind items so you must pay Melanchu forty gold coins to compensate him.” He stood there his hands on his hips and a pouty look on his face.

“Forty gold for such a small fire? Ha! Where is this Melanchu so that I can negotiate a proper deal,” Adran said chuckling at the merchant. The merchant looked flabbergasted.

“You! You do not insult Melanchu, for I am Melanchu. And you owe Melanchu forty gold!” the merchant said still talking in third person. He was working himself into quite a frenzy. Adran turned back to the others and smiled. Rip pointed at his head with a finger and spun it in circles indicating how he felt about the merchant. He mouthed the word “crazy” to the bard. Adran returned his attention to Melanchu and began to haggle.

“I am sorry sir, I did not realize you were the great merchant-lord Melanchu,” the bard started. His words had an instant effect on the fuming merchant, the flattery visibly calming the man. “Let me offer my sincerest apologizes and offer you fifteen gold to compensate you for the repairs our careless actions will no undoubtedly cause you.” Hearing the word ‘fifteen’ the merchant’s face grew dark once again.

“You offer Melanchu such a pitiful amount? How will Melanchu replace such treasures lost to this hideous blaze?” the merchant said waving a hand at the charred building, the flames already doused by the efforts of the city guards, “Melanchu would need at least twenty five gold to recover his losses.”

“I can’t believe a merchant of such grandeur as yourself would store everything that is valuable to him in one location. Tell me it is not so,” Adran said pausing to see if the merchant would try and contradict him. “You are a man of great importance, surely you have bigger and better vaults elsewhere. Besides, the fire is already put out. Obviously you would only need twenty gold at most to recover your losses,” Adran said still trying to appeal to Melanchu’s ego. The merchant looked back at the building which was only slightly blackened and very wet but not on fire. He scratched his chin and a loud “hmmmmm” escaped his lips.

“You! You have a deal. The great and mighty Melanchu recognizes that you have recognized him and his worth and agrees to your offer,” he said and promptly shoved an upturned palm to Adran. The party gathered up twenty coins between them which the bard dumped into the merchant’s waiting hand. The merchant counted each coin as he dropped then, one by one, into his belt pouch. With a quick nod of his head the merchant turned and marched away.

“What a strange little man,” Kang said as he watched the merchant turn a corner and disappear from sight.

“What a weirdo you mean,” Rip said. And with that the party continued on to the courthouse.



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