westgate warriors

Thugs and Ruffians

Session 1 Part 4

“I don’t think you made a friend with that one,” Kang said to the bard in a hushed voice. Adran just shrugged and finished the last few bites of his toast. When the party was finished they left the inn with full bellies and in a relatively good mood. Sunrise walked at the front of the group, falling into conversation with Adran. The party had just walked the length of the building when a group of ruffians appeared at the opening of an alley that ran down the backside of the inn. They were dressed in patched leather armor and wielded swords and maces. Each of them wore a similar sneer on their face that labeled them as troublemakers. The party slowed their pace when they saw the group of ne’er-do-wells. The ruffians stopped at the mouth of the alleyway and the party found themselves at a stand off. Intending to head of the trouble right from the start Adran took a step toward the ruffians and announced, “hail and well met.” He tried to sound as friendly as possible.

The ruffian with the sword smiled mischievously answering, “we just want to spend a little time with your lady friend there. Everyone else can just move along.” The ruffian pointed his sword at Sunrise, then at the group waving them off with it. Adran started to speak again when Rip rushed along side him and waved his sword back at them.

“Fuck off!” the warden snarled. The grin slip off the ruffian leader’s face which promptly twisted into a raging mask of anger.

“I’ll teach you some manner pup!” he yelled as he charged Rip. As he did the ruffian raised his sword high above his head intending to bring it down to cleave the warden in two, right down the middle. But Rip was too quick, jumping to the side, causing the ruffian’s sword to bite deep into the ground. Rip laughed as he returned the attack slashing the ruffian across the chest. Blood immediately weld up and began flowing down across the leader’s abdomen. Keothi had taken the opportunity to sneak around the scuffle to get a clear shot at the other two ruffians. With a quick flick of his wrist the rogue threw a dagger at the closest ruffian hitting him in the shoulder. The ruffian grunted and dropped his mace, a shocked look spread across his face.

Without warning three more ruffians appeared from an alley on the other side of the inn. As the ruffian reinforcements charged toward them, the party found themselves flanked between the two groups. Kang, Xious and Tihee turned to face the oncoming ruffians. Knowing that being caught in the middle of flanking opponents was not good for their immediate survival, Adran stepped forward and began to chant. A dazzling sheet of bright orange flames leapt from his fingers and coated the two ruffians who were still in the alleyway. Flames flowed across them like burning water consuming leather armor and flesh alike causing the air to be filled with the stench of cooking meat. Both ruffians fell to the ground in a smoldering heap, their death screams fading away into nothing more than a gurgle. Unfortunately the flaming attack was more powerful than the bard expected and the wooden building behind the ruffians also caught aflame. Almost immediately an alarm sounded in the distance.

Kang lumbered ahead to intercept the second group of ruffians. With a mighty chop of his great axe the barbarian was able to open a large gash across the first ruffian’s ribs. Xious, who was following closely behind the huge barbarian suddenly split off to the side picking the second ruffian as his target. With a flourish of his broadsword Xious savagely hacked the ruffian to pieces. As the man fell to the ground in a bloody pile Xious mutter, “for my queen.”

After initially wounding the ruffian leader, Rip found himself equally matched with his opponent. Each one dodged and parried the other’s attack. Seeing a stalemate in the making Adran moved in to help his comrade but the warden protested, “stand back Adran, I have this one.” But the bard didn’t listen. He rushed forward intending to hit the ruffian from behind but was rewarded to a blow to the midsection when the ruffian leader kicked a foot out at the last second. Adran doubled over as the wind was forced out of him. It was all the distraction Rip needed to run the ruffian leader through with his sword.

Behind them, the combat was still raging onward. The last ruffian had come to the aid of his friend but was unable to harm Kang. As big as the goliath was, he was quick and easily dodged the ruffian’s attacks. Seeing how effective Adran’s fiery attack had been Tihee readied one of her own. Yelling out “duck!” the sorceress released her fiery onslaught at the two remaining ruffians. Kang and Xious jumped to either side as the sheet of flaming death sprayed across the road and directly into the two ruffians. They were immediately engulfed within the flames and were quickly consumed. By the time the bodies hit the ground the party had relaxed and began wiping the blood off their blades.

Rip walked over to Adran and offered him a hand to help him up, “I guess you learned something today bard.”

“What was that?” Adran asked still gulping in big breathes of air.

“When I claim an opponent, he is mine. Don’t interfere,” Rip explained, the fire of combat still burning in his eyes. Adran watched the shifter walk away wondering if Rip’s chaotic behavior and lust for battle would get them into trouble someday. Behind them the two goliaths had fallen into a competitive conversion of sorts.

“First blood to me,” Keothi said teasing the other goliath.

“But I caused more blood to flow. All you did was stick your ruffian with a that little dagger of yours. I gashed him good with my axe,” Kang said patting the blade of his great axe.

“Bah. We will see who is better in the next fight,” the rogue scoffed and turned away. Tihee shook her head in dismay and thought, what is worse, the competitiveness of men or the competitiveness of goliaths? Especially male goliaths!

Much to the disappointment of everyone there wasn’t much to salvage from the burnt bodies of the ruffians. Most of their belonging had been consumed by the magical flames.



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